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Bretton Woods

issue no. 1
june 2022


travelers experience 


A case for the off-season.

After a long, cold winter New Englanders flock to the south. Like a migration instinct they return to their same tired roosts in Florida and Georgia. 

And then there are the adventurous. 

They head north. 

North? Why? It’s probably cool, Spring is stick season, attractions aren’t open and many restaurants are running short-staffed.

All of these dilemmas spell opportunities for our free spirits.

Spring in the Whites is actually the perfect season to get away, relax, stop running and just be still. And for temperature- the Whites just may surprise you.

With less to do there is more time to enjoy a fire pit, a quiet walk, or a cocktail on the deck before the black flies arrive to ruin your mood.

Off-season means off-price too. Booking a fabulous Bretton Woods Vacation at a fraction of summer rates further adds to the chill vibe of Spring in the Whites.

Finding a new muse in the North Country.

When the rainy, cold spring was getting Massachusetts artists Markus and Leslie feeling a bit low, coupled with a out-of-the-blue health scare, they knew it was time to run away from home.

So they packed up the van with their two loyal dogs and headed North. They discovered the perfect nest to hide out and regroup. 

It's called Owl's Roost. For architecture buffs this place is eye-candy. And for these two artists, the peace, solitude and unique styling inspired a new piece of art.

Owl's Roost was just the medicine the Lewis family needed.

Take a hike.

Hiking, tramping, walking, climbing...stick season is a remarkable season for all such activities. Streams are full and bounding with new life.  Witness the rebirth of the forest floor while moving up and out of your winter doldrums. And the temperature? Perfect. Spring means cooler air and less humidity. The White Mountain National Forest has great hikes for all skill levels. 

Check out

some great hikes at All Trails

Image by Leon Contreras

Sweet life.

Taking time to care for oneself and ones loved ones is time well spent. Disconnect, be still, listen to the great outdoors. Roast a marshmallow. Pour a Chardonnay. Curl up with a good mystery. Allow yourself to reconnect with the natural world here in the Whites. 

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